Prattonia 2021

Prattonia 2021 is the yearbook for Pratt Institute’s Class of 2021.

Created by
Jessica Lee, MaKara Blake, and Varun Mundra

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︎Prattonia 2021
︎Published by Pratt Institute, NYC
︎May, 2021
︎Edition of 1500

︎Paperback Book
︎204 PAGES
︎9 X 12 TRIM
︎Cover Stock 20lb Finch Vellum
︎Cover Printed 4/1
︎Smythe Sewn in 16s + Soft Gatefold Cover, Square back
︎Text Stock 70lbs Finch, an FSC certified recycled paper stock
︎Text Printed 5 spot colors on 72 pages + CMYK on 132 pages
︎Printed by Intellicor Communications


The design of this book is a collective effort by the three students of the Prattonia 2021 elective class - Jessica Lee, MaKara Blake, Varun Mundra

While it may appear abstract at times, the book is a carefully organized collection of 15 Signatures, each containing 12 pages. These are sewn and glued together to create the 204-page publication.

The opening 12 pages of the book offer a moment of reflection about the year. They feature a collection of images that tell the stories that encapsulated the last year for us - moments of power, resilience, pain, joy, celebration, and perseverance.

This is followed by two 36-page sections - at the front and back of the book - that focus on our impressions of life at Pratt. These sections are designed to trace the arc of our experience over the past 12 months. Images of empty spaces on campus at the front of the book are offset by submissions from student groups, a letter from our student governance team, and a wealth of wonderful submissions from the Pratt community as a whole. They point to the enduring positivity of the Pratt community despite the challenges thrown up by this strange year.

In the middle of the book are 132 pages of student portraits (846) across the 76 majors in the Schools of Art, Design, and Humanities. If this were a typical year, these student portraits would have been photographed by us on campus. That was not possible in the current situation. Therefore, the pictures in the book were all taken and submitted by the students themselves. Their myriad forms represent the range of screen-based formats we now use to interact with each other, our teachers, and the school. These tools have enabled teaching and learning to continue...but the screen is our frenemy!

Prattonia would not have been possible without the help of a few special people:
Duncan Hamilton, Michael Kelly, Emma Legge, Jaime Bahk, Bomina Park, Sarah Kanu, Cristina Fontanez, Beth Anne Bryant Richards, Lillian Gooden, Frank Franca, Rich Greco, Laura Coombs, Intellicore, “Love, Adam”

Jessica Lee, MaKara Blake, Varun Mundra

Copyright © MaKara Blake. All Rights Reserved.