This is an exploration of Forever 21 into honest brand positing, with a corresponding wild postings campaign to support the brand honestly.

Forever 21's Mission Statement Reads:

"Forever 21 wants to inspire all customers’ shopping experience by providing a captivating and exciting store environment with a never-ending flow of fun, on-trend fashion at a great value."

Forever 21’s purpose is first and foremost to make money. They believes the best way to do this is to appeal to all audiences using a laid-back tone and pop culture references. They want their customers to be constantly consuming clothing, in the search for the latest trends. Their greed comes at the expense of 52 seasons of fashion, harmful working practices, and harmful environmental practices.

The wild postings are a reaction to the harmful practices Forever 21 has done, in the name of profits. The campaign relies on ‘found’ typography. Forever 21 counts on positive customers opinions and online posts. This leads to Forever 21 representing themselves in many different ways in the name of trying to stay relevant. The campaign uses facts and real public reactions to the brand.